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Writing META Tag Titles and Descriptions

November 3rd, 2017 at 12:41 pm

Since 2009 Google informed us that keywords in META tag titles and descriptions do not influence any ranking factors, but that doesn’t mean your titles and descriptions aren’t important, quite the opposite. META title and description tags are the main snippets of text you see when your website appears in search engine result pages (SERPs) so the copy needs to appealing and summarise your website’s content.

META Titles

Your META title tag should be no more than 70 characters long (if you exceed the character amount, it will appear as ellipsis (…) on results page). Although keywords in title tags are no longer counted in Google’s ranking algorithm, it doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be used. Here’s an example of why they should be used:

Fluid Search

If a user is searching for вЂ?search engine optimisation’ services, all title and description tags including this phrase will appear emboldened on results pages – improving your site’s visibility and click-through rate. Include keywords in your META title but don’t cram it full of them, you only have limited character space and want your title to be readable and friendly to the user.

Make your META title concise; ensure it displays your services and describes your website’s content and you should be on your way to a very �clickable’ META title tag.

META Descriptions

META descriptions allow you a little more leeway (in the form of 150-160 characters) to illustrate your site’s services. You need to try and squeeze in all relevant information and a few keywords (think of the emboldening technique stated above) but you also need to create a compelling snippet of text to advertise why the user should click your link.

The key point to remember about META titles and descriptions is that these small spaces of text decipher whether your user is clicking through to your website. Include a few keywords but most importantly, make sure your text encourages the user to click on to your website.

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